We bought a few boxes of Whitman Samplers with holiday seasonal gift wrap at Rite Aid back in November. We had one box leftover from giving Whitman Sampler boxes to our nearest and dearest over the holidays that we decided to open the last one and eat around New Years.

Boy were we in for a surprise.

Upon taking the box out of the wrapping paper and instead of seeing the box in the usual encased plastic wrap there what looked like scotch tape on all sides of the box (see photos).

When we opened the box and took the cover off the first chocolate tray the chocolates were wet with some clear red wet juice on them and some of the chocolate pieces missing. On the second tray we found sweets that we never seen in Whitman Samplers that looked like leftover Halloween candy.

We took this box back to Rite Aid where the manager who was very apologetic about it offered us a refund and spent the remainder of the holiday calling everyone we gave a Whitman Sampler to see if their boxes were ok.

Russell Stover can you explain this??

Thanks for ruining our holiday and from now on buying European chocolate.

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Wow, that is just bizarre.


i would say that is kind of silly. if candy has the ability to 'ruin' your holiday, you have a lot of problems.

also, do not blame russell stover. Do you SERIOUSLY believe it came from the factory like that! LOL.

OBVIOUSLY someone returned it and your local drug store didn't notice it had been tampered with.

The drug store made it good. Time to get over it...this is not a legit complaint

to Anonymous #1118105

Apparently you don't have a sense of humor 'Anonymous'. If this as you say was tampered with and returned whoever did it did a pretty good job in making sure that the holiday wrapping paper around the box not appear to be unwrapped and re-wrapped as the photo shows no signs of creases or refolds in the wrapping paper.

Plus this kind of candy as far as I know is not sold in my region of the country and appears to be brands typically sold in the southern part of the United States where the Russell Stover factory is based at (a disgruntled factory worker??) which if so would be a Legit Complaint.

Excuse if you felt you wasted your time reading this complaint among the few complaints on this site, pleassse....

This didn't ruin our holiday we found it funny and everyone we called to check their boxes found it humorous. Apparently you just don't get sarcasm.

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