I recently bought a box of Whitman Sampler, I'm sure that you know the box.

Imagine my suprise when I got to the bottom level and there was cardboard.

Not the usual tray of candy. So I emailed them to say that I was jipped.

they told me the story of how it is sold by weight not volume.

Rip offs and they would not even offer me a coupon. I will not be buying that brand again and I urge you all to do the same and I also urge you all to email and complain to them.

Review about: Russell Stover Candies Candy.

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I too was ripped off by Whitman's false advertising; Big $20.00 box full of cardboard. I can find FREE cardboard everywhere.

Nelson, Nebraska, United States #248167

I bought a box of valentine chocolate for my wife.She opened it and the box fell apart what a fool I looked like .Does anyone know how to reach customer service so I can file a complaint.

to duane Orange City, Florida, United States #582925

I called them today and they are sending out a new box and a check to replace the box I bought,

Whitman's: 888-311-3723

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